Turkey breeding and meat production requires several stages. The enterprise buys one-day-old poults from the companies, involved into eggs hatching, using advanced technologies in such countries as: Hungary, Poland and others. Poults grow in poultry houses equipped with the latest technologies.

The Enterprise iterates the whole production cycle which includes turkey breeding, processing and ready-to-use product packaging. ТМ «Іndelika» closed-cycletype production prevents birds’ outdoor environment contact which is essential part of product safety guarantee. 

High-quality Ukrainian feed food production

TM «Indelika» feeds the turkey with quality feed food of Ukrainian production without genetic modification and growth stimulants. Its key ingredients are: corn, wheat, soybeans grown in Vinnytsya and Poltava regions. Period of poultry breeding vary from 90 to 140 days. During this period, the body of birds naturally reaches physical maturity, that is, protein reaches its normal levels of about 29% in white turkey meat with fat level of less than 1%. Therefore, turkey meat protein do not break down into aminoacids, releasing moisture from muscle tissues, what allows to maintain good taste properties and avoid the so called «wateriness» flavour.

Artesian well

In 2008 «Plemptakhoradhosp Brovarsky» put into operation the artesian well, the depth of which is 190 m. Thus, poultry farm uses highly mineralized water with the minimal percentage of pollutants for poultry feeding, what improves the product quality.

Own slaughtering section

«PPR Brovarsky» uses its own slaughtering section  and processing shop which equipped with modern facilities of Western manufacturers (vacuum machines, slicers for cutting of semi-finished product, equipment for packaging products in modified gas environment).

Control System

The control system for compliance with the HACCP requirement is implemented at the enterprise. According to the results of the audits, the international certification authority  Bureau Veritas has recognized the level of production of «primary processing and production of semi-finished products made of turkey meat and its by- products» as the one that satisfies the requirements of the Products Safety Management System and granted «PPR Brovarsky», PJSC, an international certificate for production according to FSSC  22000 standard scheme on May 15, 2014.