Production of turkey meat under «Indelika» TM carried out by «Indelika» JSC, which is located in Brovary district Kyiv region.

It is a modern, fully integrated enterprise was created in 1975. Previously, the company was dealing with incubation and poultry breeding for poultry farms specializing in eggs production and it was restricted for turkey meat roduction.

The company consists of two main production sections:

1-st section: Birds rearing section.
2-nd section: Turkey meat producing and processing block includes slaughtering and processing houses, which are equipped with modern German facilities for mince production, for cutting of semi-finished product, for products packaging in modified gas environment, which complies with the Products Safety Management System of Ukraine and meets high international requirements as well.

Sauage production section and feed mill production section

In January, the 3-rd, 2015 the enterprise launched the manufacturing line, producing 1 tonn of sausages and sausage products per shift along with the construction of own Feed mill. It is expected that a feed mill start-up in the nearest feature will supply the poultry farm with own compound feed food on 100% and will secure total feedstock quality control.

Qualified staff

The personnel of the poultry farm are more then 200 qualified employees, most of them are inhabitants of Rozhivka village and its suburbs.
Taking care of birds' health, periodically we apply for professional support to specialized veterinarians from Poland.

Private car park

Enterprise has its own refrigerating truck fleets to supply fresh and tasty meat to the consumers as soon as possible.

Social responsible company

JSC «Indelika» is budget forming enterprise in the district which pays about 8090 thousand monthly tax to the local budget. Additionally the enterprize develops local infrastructure and implements several social programs for local residents, in particular the rehabilitation of children from surrounding the factory area.

JSC «Indelika» support the militaries who acts in anti-terrorist operation area and their familys on regular basis.