Do you know that the turkey is the super meat?

American doctor Stephen Pratt made a list of fourteen superfoods that allow you to maintain health for many years. According to his recipe to achieve the best results, you need at least three or four times a week to taste the dishes containing turkey meat because it is the most bland source of protein in the world.

Americans and Europeans are very fond of meat and always cooked turkey on Christmas and New Year.

The main advantages of turkey meat:

Rich in protein

A serving of turkey meat weighing 100 grams contains 22.6 grams of protein, about half the daily requirement for a person

Low fat

100 grams of roasted turkey meat without skin contains 155 calories and only 1.7 grams of fat

Easy digestibility

Meat is easily digested due to low insoluble content of different fats assimilation of protein is about 95%

Necessary vitamins

Contains B-vitamins to help convert carbohydrates into energy and improve digestion

Required minerals

A source of zinc, which enhances immunity, promotes proper absorption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates contain a lot of phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium

It does not cause allergies

Perfect for baby food, especially for children who do not accept certain types of products

Turkey is a great source of protein

Turkey gives more energy than any other meat. It is a source of phosphorus and it containes not less phosphorus then the fish. The turkey is rich for vitamin PP. Its deficiency causes beriberi, cellulite, and disruption of the cortex.

Turkey meat rich for tyrosine turkey  an amino acid that increases the level of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, which in its turn stimulates its work.

Turkey especially usufull for women, in particular those, who are closely watching their weight, because this kind of meat contain the least calories (100 grams of cooked turkey is around 60 kcal). Also, it contains virtually no fat. Besides, it provides an excellent tooth enamel and beautiful smile. No wonder our mothers and grandmother say that turkeys are not of age. This kind of meat is necessary for male representatives as well, but because it stimulates the heart and blood vessels. Be sure to feed the children with turkey meat. Doctors have proved that it improves the immune system and does not cause allergic reactions.

Myoglobin is a protein that contains oxygen to muscular tissues. It is responsible for the color of meat. The more myoglobin in muscular tissues, the darker meat. Turkey meat contains less myoglobin in their cells than beef or pork. This explains the lighter color of meat. The myoglobin amount in the meat depends on the muscles burden. The more stress, the more myoglobin, and therefore the darker meat.

Turkey has light and dark meat at the same time

Their tastes differ. Lump and wings are usually light in taste  very delicate, reminiscent of veal. Dark meat  thigh, shin  has, on the contrary, the hard palate, tastes like venison.

Turkey is one of the best examples of main course

Turkey contains the same vitamins as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and indispensable protein.

The combination of low fat and fiber-rich foods helps to lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, because there is nothing better than a turkey with vegetables.

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During the cold winter months, the duration of daylight is very small. This can reinforce the feeling of lack of vitality. Healthy turkey dishes favorably affect your vitality. Turkey protein stimulates the production of substances that improve concentration, relieve feelings of depression, improves memory and mental activity.

Content nutrients per 100g fresh turkey meat:

Type of meatkcalFats, gProtein, g
Breast skin on194829
Breast skinless161430
Wing Skin on2381327
Wing skinless2131128
Dark meat skin on2321327
Dark meat skinless192828
Skin only1824419

Different kinds of meat nutritional value comparing table:

Meat typeKkalFats, gProteins, g 
Turkeymeat, light, chilled103 1,1 23,2 
Turkeymeat, light, cooked132 1,4 29,8 
Porky, top round123 4,0 21,8 
Porky, stake270 18,6 21,7 
Chicken meat, light, chilled116 3,2 21,8 
Chicken meat, light, cooked142 4,0 26,5 
Beef, top round123 4,6 20,3 
Beef, cookedstake 229 15,2 23,1